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Jasci's success at Food and Hospitality China in Shanghai

Great success of our wine shop at the international exhibition "Food & Hospitality China", which takes place in these days in Shanghai
(from 14th to 16th November). Our wines have been appreciated by the critics and the public, obtaining consents that gratify and reward
the constant commitment we dedicate to our productions.
It has been an important outcome even from a strategic point of view, considered that the Chinese market is constantly growing and has
shown great interest for the Italian oenogastronomic quality products and organic food, which we have always been supporters of.

Introduction to the new wine cellar

Jasci is proud to introduce the renewal of the cellar: a new area built according to ecological building policies, which forms a single complex together with the historical area and it represents the company's desire to blend together tradition and technology. An important piece of news that shows how Jasci winery invests in a unstopping but conscious growth, with the aim of pursueing always eco-sustainability and respect for the environment.

The new website is online

The new Jasci website is finally ready. Renewed in style and contents, it shows a fascinating overview of the wine cellar and its roots, telling three generations of passion and dedication. Of course, great attantion has been dedicated to the wines, with an extremely complete informative section which shows technical and oenological features. And how could we forget about the organic: the wine cellar shows how much organic wines count for this place, the investments which have been made in this direction for years and the benefits introduced to the production in what is now a real lifestyle choice.